26 Apr 2011 Internet Marketing »

In my experience with dealing with different web hosting companies through the years, I’ve found Hostgator to be one of the most reliable and one of the better ones to deal with. The rapidly expanding, Texas-based company currently hosts over 5 million domains and provides its over 400,000 customers with top notch service and support. Following is a not just a review of Hostgator, but also some important things to consider when choosing a web host.

What is a Web Host?

The web host essentially manages the servers on which your site(s) will run. The servers stay continuously connected to the Internet and allow others to view your website online 24 hours a day. Choosing a web host is one of the first decisions you have to make before you actually start to build a web site. There are two options when it comes to web hosting – free or paid. While not paying for hosting might seem attractive at first, bear in mind, there are definite drawbacks to it. The biggest drawbacks are: unwanted ads/banners on your site, very little or complete lack of support, possibility of your site being dropped for no reason. As you can see if you are serious about your website, then paid web hosting is a must. By paying for hosting you have control over your domain name, customer support, more bandwidth, more disk space, site backup and guaranteed uptime.

Customer Support

Having customer support who are available 24/7/365 is something which should be high on your list when choosing a web host. When its 2 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday and you are scrambling to get your site back online, having a host who can help is invaluable. With Hostgator you are offered a full menu of support services from live chat, email, phone, ticket system, forums, and video tutorials. What impresses me with Hostgator is that their customer support are always fast, knowledgeable and polite. Any issue that I’ve presented them with were always dealt with in a professional manner and left me with an answer I was happy with. To further emphasize their commitment to customer support, you can also contact the owner of the company directly if their regular support is unsatisfactory.

Services Offered

Before you commit to any web host, make sure the services and features they offer are compatible with your needs. Hostgator provides their clients with the choice of shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting (combination of shared and dedicated) or reseller hosting (providing web hosting for others). Some notable features which Hostgator offers are: unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, sitebuilder, control panel, 3rd party software installation and also a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The uptime number indicates how often your website will be available for others to view – the higher the number the better. Hostgator will also grow with you and your online ventures. Whether it’s upgrading your existing plan or going to your own dedicated server, they will help you make the transition process a smooth one.

This Gator Really is Green

Hostgator is also doing their part when it comes to protecting and preserving our environment. In an effort to reduce their overall impact on the electrical grid, Hostgator purchases renewable energy credits from local wind farms. These credits represent the amount of energy it takes to both power and cool all of their servers. This type of forward thinking is a great example of how Hostgator is not just concerned with the bottom line but also concerned about their impact on our climate.


By providing outstanding service and support to their customers, it’s not hard to see why Hostgator consistently places in the top ten lists of reviewed web hosting companies. Whether it is a website for the average person right to a website for a Fortune 500 company, Hostgator will provide you with the solution for your particular needs. They also offer a 45 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with their service. Find out for yourself why Hostgator is one of the best web hosting companies and why they are trying to prove their company motto: “We eat up the competition”.